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Moving into or out of a home is the mark of an exciting transition in life. It can be a very stressful time. There’s so much to take care of. With everything from packing to decorating your new home and everything in between. One of the biggest pains of moving is cleaning your former home or prepare it for sale or move-in.

Whether you’re moving into or out of a new home. Kare Cleaning Services will take care of the mess for you. We offers move-in and move-out residential cleaning services for empty homes in the Fresno County. We believe that a cleaning company should not just simply “clean” a home or apartment. But offer a well-definedtrustworthy service that pays attention to the little details. We will thoroughly clean your new or previous home with this approach to make your moving experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

When scheduling a Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning on our booking form. Select “One-Time” as the frequency, and fill out the details of the house on the booking form. Upgrade to Premium” as an add-on if you would like to upgrade to our Premium Package.

How do I decide which cleaning I need?

Classic Cleaning fits you if:

  • The home was maintained, so there’s only mild to moderate build up in the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors
  • The new home is newly constructed or freshly remodeled and just needs a spruce-up cleaning before moving in or out
  • The house was cleaned by previous owners/tenants, but after all the tours and inspections, you just need to clean it up one more time
  • You have a tighter budget but need to satisfy the conditions of your sale or lease (NOTE: If you just need to satisfy the conditions of a sale or lease, we can provide a Classic Cleaning to fit your budget. However, if we recommend a Premium Cleaning based on the state of the home, we cannot guarantee the results of the cleaning if you opt for the Classic Cleaning)

Premium Cleaning fits you if:

  • The home was not cleaned regularly, and there is build up in the kitchen (grease, crumbs, fingerprints), bathrooms (soap scum, mildew, fingerprints, etc.), and floors (bugs, shoe prints, splatters, hair/fur) NOTE: For homes that have been improperly maintained, cleaning results will not bring the condition of the home to “like-new” status and we can’t guarantee that all stains will come out of surfaces. Our teams will inform you on what they can realistically achieve.
  • The house is newly constructed or renovated and it has NOT been cleaned (AKA it is a Post-Construction Cleaning). NOTE: we require a walkthrough visit prior to providing Post-Construction cleaning. Please read more here Post Construction 
  • The previous owner or tenant did not get the house professionally cleaned

Click Below for Detailed Move-In/Out Classic and Premium Package Checklists

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please let us know if you will be scheduling other service contractors, including but not limited to movers, general contractors, painters, plumbers, and duct cleaners so that we can coordinate the cleaning with you and schedule appropriately.

We recommend scheduling a cleaning after movers, construction, painting, duct cleaning or plumbing work has been completed, and before carpet cleaners.