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Your home should be where you can be at peace and relax, and nobody wants to live in a home that isn’t as clean as it can be. Sometimes, there is more important things that fill up your scheduled, and overtime grime, grease, and dust can build up around the house.

We offer several types of  cleaning packages that provide clear and detailed cleaning tasks covering a range of cleaning your needs. We believe that the best residential cleaning services provide a thorough, well-defined experience and attend to the details that matter to you. Our cleaning Tech pays attention to the smallest detail moving the couch or checking under couch cushions

At Kare home cleaning, we offer every customer three distinct residential cleaning service cleaning packages that outline different levels of cleaning. These include our Premium “Deep Cleaning” Package, Classic “General Cleaning” Package, and Economy “Basic Cleaning” Package. We clearly define these services, but allow plenty of room for personalization with add-ons services. To book a cleaning instantly visit our booking page. Review our cleaning packages or download a service checklist PDF  below.


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