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Post Construction

Kare Post Construction

Post-Construction can be a destructive process. When a contractor finish working on a project. The space needs a professional cleaning service to remove debris, dirt and dust. However, the amount of construction debris left behind can vary, depending on what the contractors did to prevent and clean it up during the project. Therefore, before providing our clients with any upfront costs, we require a walkthrough to assess the condition of the home.

You can schedule a walkthrough via phone or email. You may also book a slot for a post-construction cleaning service; however, we will follow up with a request for a walkthrough.

Before reaching out to us, do note three things:

– Ideally, your general contractor covered your return vents with a pre-filter before work was started.

– Replace return filters after construction is complete, even if there was a pre-filter. If there wasn’t, we recommend replacing your return filters.

– Please do not schedule a clean up while contractors are still working