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Team Size

Kare Team Size

Kare Home Cleaning Services is your preferred cleaning service all credit goes to our incredible teams size. Therefore, to provide par excellence customer service. We frequently invest in constant team development through rigorous training sessions and a flexible work environment.

To streamline cleaning slots and prevent our employees from unnecessary work stress, our top goal is to provide full-time schedules. To accomplish the goal, we have implemented the power of team size 1, which includes single cleaners. Allowing a full-time schedule with just 2-3 homes a day, we ensure that our cleaning technicians provides you with cleaning services with superior proficiency.

The Kare cleaning services team tries to achieve the high-quality application of different cleaning techniques within a pre-defined timeframe. While an apartment or condo takes about 2-3 hours for a solo cleaner, townhomes or single-family homes of 1,500-2,000 sq ft. take about 3-4 hours. For homes larger than 2,500 sq ft, we usually assign a team of two professional cleaners for convenience and efficiency. We usually advise our clients to book a cleaning slot when they are not home to avoid any inconvenience.

We also realize that some clients may have schedules incompatible with our solo cleaners’. Therefore, we pay special attention to combining a team of single cleaners and send your way.