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Did you know that customers are four times more likely to use your cleaning service if their friends recommend it to them? Creating a referral system is very crucial for growing your cleaning service. The Referral Program helps your business grow by allowing you to reward customers for referring a friend to you. If you’re curious about setting up a referral program for your professional cleaning business, keep reading. We will teach you in detail.

Referral Program – Overview

A good referral program is when your company rewards customers, workers, or anybody else who refers new clients to you. When a current client introduces a family member or friend to your cleaning company, how would you thank them? For your cleaning business, you can provide a free cleaning task as a reward. It might be dusting their ceiling fans or washing garbage cans. Nothing overly expensive! It’s just something that will take you or your team approximately an hour to finish. Ensure you have got a new cleaning contract before providing “a reward” to the recommending customer.

How does Creating a Referral Program Benefit?

Creating a strong referral program is an ideal way to expand your professional cleaning company. It can benefit you in multiple ways, as stated below!

  1. You will not have to invest more in advertising your services to gain more customers.
  2. You would just have to give a little discount as a thank you gift to your existing and new customers.
  3. If your services are good, you will get more referrals to grow your business.
  4. If one client is polite, respectful, never in trouble, and always pays on time, their referred friends are likely to be the same.
  5. Your consumer base grows exponentially.
  6. Customer marketing becomes more focused and successful while building long-term engagement.
  7. Word of mouth from referrals promotes brand awareness.
  8. A referral program encourages brand advocates and influencers to talk about your services with their number of followers.

How Does it Work?

Here is how a referral program works for your cleaning service:

  1. Our existing clients will need to join the referral program through a link on their dashboard.
  2. When you join, our system will then generate a code for you.
  3. Then they will have to share the code with friends or family members.
  4. When  a friends or family members use that code on our website,  with their first booking
  5. The client gets a reward of $20, and the friend will receive a $10 discount on their first booking.
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Who can Join a Referral Program?

A referral program enlists the help of the individual who signed your contract to suggest you to others in their professional network.

Following people can join your referral program for your cleaning business:

  1. Existing customers who get regular cleaning services.
  2. People or firms who had a cleaning contract previously.
  3. Residential consumers that use all or only one of your cleaning services.
  4. People who used a cleaning service only once can also participate.

Remember that the individuals you select to include will determine your success when you ask clients to suggest friends. Customers who are pleased with your service will, after all, help you spread the word.

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