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Add-On Services

kare Add-on Services

To meet our customers’ requirements, we provide plenty of add-ons services. These are additional services that can be added to a booking. We’ve described them for your convenience. Call us if you have any questions!

  • Pets – Added to a booking if your pets shed their hair and we may need to give some extra time dusting and vacuuming it. This includes vacuuming 1 couch.
  • Bed Sheet Change – Every Premium and Classic cleaning service includes a 1-bed-sheet change. Use this add-on for any additional beds that are to be changed. Please leave a fresh set of sheets on the bed, we’ll highly appreciate it!
  • Window Glass and Frames – Our Premium Service only includes spot-cleaning of window glasses. Add-on this to any service if a thorough wipe-down of any windows is required, including glass, lock ledge, and sill. We do not lift or disassemble windows.
  • Fridge Cleaning – Prices may differ depending on the size, state, and fullness of the appliance. We recommend freeing up space inside the fridge, so we can serve you the best. The outstanding amount is confirmed before beginning the work.
  • Oven Cleaning – Prices may differ depending on the size and state of the appliance. Consider running a self-clean cycle night before scheduling a cleaning service for ovens with extra build-up. Complete removal of stains is not guaranteed.
  • Fireplace Cleaning – Got a blackish fireplace full of ashes? Add this to cleaning and our techs will shovel out the ashes and vacuum the remaining debris. We’ll ask you to provide a shovel and brush. This charged per fireplace.
  • A load of Laundry – Need a wash and lacking with time? Don’t worry! Just let us know the instructions or preferences for the washer and we’ll take care of everything.
  • Fold Laundry – Apply this add-on to any cleaning service and we’ll fold 1 load of clothes for you. The pricing is per laundry load.
  • Extra Dusting (link to knick-knack post) – Add this to any service if there are any rooms with plenty of decorative knick-knacks and tabletop frames. The amount is charged is per room or hallway.
  • Vacuum Couch – Pet hair? Crumbs? Wrappers and Cheerios found their way under the cushions? add this to any or all cleanings and our techs will vacuum the back, armrests, seat cushions, and deck of the couch. Pricing is per couch.
  • Clutter Pick-Up (link to cleaning vs tidying vs organizing) – Didn’t have time to pick up? Do kitchen counters have a lot of paper, pens, and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff? Did the kids leave clothes and toys strewn around their room? Add this to any cleaning and our techs will pick up as much as possible to free up space to clean. This is not organizing; it’s just an extra service to help tidy some of the clutter before we clean. Pricing is per room or hallway.