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Window Cleaning

November 24, 2021 by admin

When deep cleaning your house, there is one place most people end up ignoring, and that is the windows. The windows are common accumulation points for pollution and grime. This can ruin the look of the entire house, obstruct sunlight and any pleasant views you might be getting. Taking care of your windows is very important to not lose the aesthetic and charm of the place.

The only thing worse than unclean windows is improperly cleaned windows that display the harsh streaks from cleaning. Not at all what you want to see on a Sunday afternoon over a cup of tea with your family.

Here are some of our top window cleaning tips straight from the board of housekeeping experts. Who know exactly what cloth, spray, and sweeping techniques work like magic on all sorts of windows.

That’s right, we have got you covered!

Cloudy days are for window cleaning

You get the best light on a clear, sunny day, but you are also likely going to find the cleaning solution quickly drying on the windows because of the heat before you have gotten a chance to wipe it. This is why you will get all those hard-to-remove streaks after you are done. We recommend using cloudy days for window cleaning and starting on the shadiest side of the house to avoid streaks altogether.

Dust and sweep the dirt off

Before you get into the deep cleaning, we recommend that you sweep the dirt off and dust off the windows. You can do this to the window frame, where a great deal of dust is accumulated. You can prevent dirt from getting mixed with the cleaning agent this way.

If your window screens have been looking grimy, it is time to clean them up with some soapy water and a soft brush. This way, you can have your window panes looking fresh and sparkly before you get to the actual cleaning of the windows. Which you can do with a microfiber duster or a damp cloth followed by a dry one to avoid streaks.

Be generous with the cleanser

When you get to the part where you use a cleanser, we recommend that you don’t hold back and use generous amounts of it. You will need a lot of cleansers to dissolve and suspend the dirt particles so that when you are cleaning the windows, you don’t leave behind any of those stubborn streaks.

There are many great cleansers out there for you to use. The Invisible Glass Cleaner with the EZ Grip can help you wipe away any stain on the windows with the least amount of drips and mess. It is one of the top-rated cleaning solutions on the market.

Share your top pick for the best cleansers in the comments below.

The newspaper hack

We have all seen windows being cleaned by professionals who use newspapers and wondered what it is about newspapers that makes them so popular in the window cleaning community.

Here’s what you need to know.

Newspapers are likely microfiber cloths that you can’t necessarily reuse. They are absorbent and can wipe away stains and dirt without leaving a trace behind.

They are great for when you are in a pinch or a hurry and don’t have time to clean with a cloth and wash it. But we believe you are better off with something reusable.

We like to think about the environment. That’s all.

Squeegees are for rookies

That is right! Professional cleaners won’t be caught dead with a squeegee, and that is because of the mess that entails. You don’t want to clean a mess by making another. The dripping is especially annoying if you are cleaning windows over the holidays, and there’s a peak factor in every corner of the house.

Window Cleaning schedule

Windows are best cleaned once or twice a year. Unless there’s an accident and you have to break out the sprays in the middle of the season, you won’t feel the need to clean windows ever that often. So, you should divide the task, get the windows thoroughly cleaned. While making time for the rest of the heavy-duty cleaning.