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Spring Cleaning

January 5, 2022 by admin

Spring Cleaning, have you ever noticed that nothing spoils your mood faster than entering a dirty and messy home? Cleaning and tidying your home is as necessary as personal cleaning for a healthy life.

Spring is the best time to give a sparkle to your house after prolonged winter blues. That’s why spring cleaning is part of the tradition and culture.

Certified spring cleaning companies provide you with skilled professionals and commercial equipment for the thorough cleaning of your place. Also, a cleaning firm saves you hours of daunting and tiresome cleaning work.

These companies use their optimal cleaning products to shine your floors, clean windows, remove stains, and vacuum dirt.

To make your place more livable for summer, check out our spring cleaning services!

Spring-Cleaning Services We Offer

Kare Cleaning is known for providing the best cleaners. We offer multiple cleaning services for your home, shops, offices, factories, and workplaces. Our dream is to give you a clean and safe place to live.

Let’s see how our trained staff members clean your untidy house.

Kitchen Cleaning during Spring:

They kick out your kitchen stink by using our multi-purpose cleaner. Our staff will repel stains found on your kitchen countertops by using specialized ammonia-free cleaners.

 We clean your smelly cutting boards by removing nasty grease marks from them. Also, we de-gunk the grease settled in your kitchen cabinets, door pulls, and drawer handles.

Windows and Doors:

Our cleaner will wash your delicate windows with a microfiber cloth and efficient glass cleaners. In the end, they will give a perfect finish by vacuuming the drapes and fabric shades. We also deep clean your door shelves and bins to save you from bacterial infections.

Rooms and Bathrooms:

Our staff members declutter and makeover your rooms to give them a sparkle. They pull your furniture and thoroughly clean the wall corners. Also, they freshen shower drains by using all-purpose cleaners to keep them free-flowing.

Small Things:

We can clean fan hangings, ceilings, and the electric fixtures of your house that usually get ignored in everyday cleaning.

Traditional Spring Cleaning Companies

Are you tired of unprofessional cleaning companies and their poor services? Don’t be stressed out! Kare Home Cleaning Services has got your back here. Since we have been serving  Fresno County for a while now, we understand the parameters of professional cleaning very well.

At Kare Cleaning, you will get the best spring cleaning services. We aim to keep your lovely home as tidy as it deserves to be.

Prominent Features:

Let’s tell you some features of the company:

  1. The best thing about our services is that we always take care of “the little things” that most companies ignore during the cleaning process. These small details pave the way to big change
  2. Our company is a licensed and secured firm. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!
  3. We take complete responsibility for our workers and cleaning services. You are sure to get guaranteed results!
  4. The company promises you the freshest, tidiest and cleanest house possible. We treat your home like ours.
  5. We offer easy online bookings for your convenience.
  6. At our customers’ request, the company also provides in-home visits before bookings.
  7. We use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products that are efficient and environment-friendly. These include multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, kitchen cleaners, and glass cleaners.

Our Cleaning Packages

Our company provides you with a range of cleaning packages. You can choose the one that suits you best:

  • Premium Cleaning Package
  • Classic Cleaning Package
  • Economy Cleaning Package
  • Move-in and Move out Cleaning
  • One time Cleaning
  • Recurring Cleaning

Final Words

We guarantee you won’t find a better cleaning company in town than Kare cleaning. We have the best-trained staff to provide optimal cleaning services.

Spring cleaning is a way to give a fresh start to your place by cleaning the year-long dirt and dust. It’s time to clean your home from top to bottom!

Take advantage of our customized cleaning services to freshen up your home for the upcoming summer. We are always at your service!