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Recurring Cleaning

kare Recurring Cleaning

Kare Home Cleaning Services offers recurring residential cleaning for our clients so that your home stays clean and fresh on a regular basis. With our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning offers, we ensure that you don’t have to encounter any hassle of cleaning a home. Our professional cleaners are trained to prevent dust, grime and grease from building up and leave a clean and ambient place that invites you to enjoy a book at the end of your tiring day.

Our no-obligation policy; thus, we do not ask our clients to sign any contracts. They are free to cancel their subscription to our cleaning service at any time. 

Why should you get Recurring Cleaning?

Recurring cleaning, also known as maintenance cleaning, is important to have a well-maintained home. With regular cleaning, you can be assured that your house doesn’t get overwhelmingly dirty. There are a host of benefits of regular cleaning. Let’s explore.

Safeguards against material wear

The buildup of mold, hard water stains, dust and food stains can degrade the quality of your chrome fixtures, tile showers, wood floors and other surfaces of your home. Regular cleaning protects the material quality and extends their lifespan. 

Save you Time

You can save a considerable amount of time. While we clean, you can manage your house chores or spend time with your family. 

Improve indoor air quality

Regular cleaning can significantly clean your indoor air quality. The constant removal of dust and other allergens can improve the quality of the air and prevent different health conditions, like allergies.

Quick tip: if you get regular cleaning and you notice that dust builds up quickly or your allergies don’t improve, consider getting your ducts cleaned. House cleaning can only do so much if the source of dust and allergens is stored in the ducts.

Prevents against mold growth

Mold is a challenge if it strengthens grip in your bathroom. Removal includes heavy-duty scrubbing with strong cleaning chemicals, possible re-grouting of tile, replacing shower curtains or door seals, and/or possible mold remediation on walls.

What kind of cleaning we offer?

We have package cleaning options, or hourly options for customized scopes of work. We also have add-on services, detailed here.

Some great features about our recurring cleaning service  

  • Digitalization takes the lead in our process. You can create your personal account through which you can schedule our cleaning services. However, you can also get in touch with us via email or phone for added convenience. 
  • You also have the option to receive your complimentary Cleaning Kit for added protection from germs and bacteria.
  • We provide simplified payment methods. Add your credit or debit card to your personal account and It will for payment completed visit. 
  • We set consistent schedules to send our team your way. You should be expecting our team on your door the same day of the week. 
  • You can also change the schedule by logging into your account or contacting us via phone or email
  • We also run a thorough background check for all our employees. Kare Cleaning Services moves forward with constant training and development sessions to ensure ups-killing of employees and constant improvement in techniques. You can also check the profile of the cleaner assigned to your home on your personal account.
  • We highly believe in post-service support. Therefore, after every visit, we follow up with you via email to get feedback about our service quality.

Let us take care of your home while you balance your life and make memories with your family.