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Oven Cleaning

November 24, 2021 by admin

Soon we will be busy with the shenanigans of the festive season. Pot roast after another, and multiple helpings of gravy can turn your oven grimy before the weekend has even come to an end. Then the turkeys will follow, and no matter how easy-breezy the oil content in the roasted vegetables was, the insides of the oven will look atrocious come New Year’s Eve. If there was ever a time to share the lost knowledge of oven cleaning, it is nigh.

We have the top tips and tricks right here to help you get your oven in shape so that none of that binging you are planning on is affected by the poor quality of the food. Our tips will ensure that by the end of the festivities, you have an oven spotless and thoroughly cleaned, ready for another marathon to run come Easter.

Oven Cleaning Features

The rule of thumb for cleaning appliances is to give them a good scrub every six months.

Having an oven with a Pyrolytic self-clean function is great because most of the stubborn grease and grime can be removed using it with minimal effort. All you have to do is set the temperature at 500°C, at which point the grime will break down easily, and you can wipe it all down with a damp cloth. You will have a spotless oven in no time.

You can clean the door and locks easily without a regular cleanser.


We recommend starting with a vacuum cleaner to help you wipe out the little bits and pieces of burnt food. This is unconventional but will save a lot of time. The unwanted debris and buildup will be gone in no time so that you can get to the deep cleaning.

Just a warning! Wait till the oven has cooled down before you start cleaning it!

Shelves and Tough Spots

The shelves of the oven have to be soaked because they take the most time to clean. We recommend starting with them and scrubbing them until they are shiny and new.

Certain cleansers take time to work on the grime, so be patient. Using dishwasher tablets is another great hack that will help you get grime and buildup off of shelves, pots, pans. They work like magic, but they do take their fair share of time, so while the shelves are soaking, get to cleaning something else.

Once the shelves are wiped off, we recommend wiping off the stains with a non-abrasive sponge. Once you have rinsed the shelves clean, it’s time to dry them up and check for any remaining spots. Then give the tough spots a final rinse. Once they are spick and span, it’s time to finish cleaning the rest of the oven.

Natural Oven Cleansers

The cleansers you find in stores are often not as effective as they are pricey. Good thing you can easily make your own zero waste cleanser that is also quite powerful. This cleanser will help you save time, money, and also the environment.

Just grab a spray bottle and add our all-time favorites: vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. You are going to witness some intense bubbling. Nothing to worry about. This is the most hygienic and useful cleanser out there that cuts grease, removes unwanted stains, and disinfects without actually being harmful to you or your loved ones. This cleanser mix is free of toxins and unwanted fragrances. And the is the best thing about it, given that you are cleaning an oven. The natural ingredients will help you repel ants and other types of insects as well.

Making this cleanser at home will cost you next to nothing as you probably have all these things sitting. You can also use this incredible cleanser mix to clean other appliances such as your blender, coffee machine, and electric kettle. You can add this for an added impact to your laundry as it is also great for getting rid of unwanted odor.